R-908SC-HT - High Temp. Face Coat

High Temperature Epoxy Face Coat -

Rhino R-908SC-HT (black) high temperature face coat is a Bis-F Novolac, high functionality epoxy resin. Designed for ambient cures and high temperature applications,

908SC brushes on easily to intricate mold and pattern shapes without sagging or draining. Rhino 908SC-HT’s surface is impact resistant and may be sanded or polished. Rhino R-908SC-HT is solvent-free, 100% solids, and DOT non-regulated.

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Suggested Uses

Epoxy face coatings on intricate patterns and molds. Ambient cures with H-3102 and 3136-R1 hardeners. High temperature applications (275°F – 350°F) with H-3137 hardener.

Properties of Rhino R-908SC-HT with Resin

Weight/gal:12.0 - 12.2 lbs per gallon


Use and store between 65° – 80°F. Surfaces must be free of contaminants such as dirt, oil, grease, or water. Wax or “release” mold surfaces before epoxy application. Mix Rhino 908SC with any listed hardener at 100:12 by weight. Recommend mixing smaller batches H-3102 due to its brief pot-life.


Allow applied 908SC to cure past the tacky stage (see thin film set time), then immediately apply backup laminates. Once laminate schedule is completed, cure the structure at ambient temperature (65° – 80°F) overnight. Then postcure at 130°F for 4 hours followed by a ramping schedule that increases temperature in 50°F increments for 1 hour to the intended service temperature or the limits of the backup laminate’s HDT.

Physical Properties of Rhino R-908SC-HT with Rhino Hardeners

Rhino R-908SC-HTw/ Rhino 3102w/ Rhino 3136-R1w/ Rhino 3137
Mix Ratio, PHR, (WT):100:12100:20100:12
Gel Time, Minutes, 77°F:153040
Thin Film Set Time, Hrs, 77°F:22.54
Cure Temperatures, °F:77/130/180/22577/130/180/225/28577/130/180/225/275/325
HDT F, Ambient Cure:175195-
HDT F, Post-cure:225280350

How Supplied

FOB Rhino Linings San Diego, CA or authorized distributors. R-908SC: 10lb Gallons, 50lb Pails and 500lb specialorder drums. H-3102, 3136-R1, and 3137: 2lb Quarts, 8lb Gallons and 40lb Pails.


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