1379 Gel - Thixotropic Gel Resin

Thixotropic Gel Epoxy Resin –  

Thixotropic, high viscosity, translucent, rigid resin based on Bis-A with low toxicity and odor. 100% solids, no VOCs, and DOT non-regulated.

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Suggested Uses

A specialty resin used primarily as an adhesive where it’s thixotropic “gel” consistency is useful. Used with 3179-SR2 for bonding rotor blades and other large parts.

Properties of Rhino 1379 Gel Epoxy Resin (neat)

Viscosity:21,000 - 22,000 cps (Thixotropic Paste)
Weight/Gal:9.8 - 9.9 lbs
EEW:190 - 193
Color:Milky White Translucent Liquid


Use and store between 65° – 100°F (product and ambient temperatures), 45°F minimum. Remove surface contaminates such as water, dirt, rust, and petroleum products. Wax or otherwise “release” mold surfaces prior to epoxy application. All Rhino Hardeners are compatible with Rhino 1379 Gel and should be proportioned per the selected Rhino Hardener mix ratio. Mix resin and hardener for 3 – 5 minutes being certain to scrape the mixing container bottom and sides. Mix no more material than can be applied before pot life expiration.


Rhino 1379 Gel curing is determined by the selected Rhino hardener, see the hardener technical data sheet.


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