1401-21 / 4101-21

Epoxy System for Infusion - 

Multifunctional epoxy and cycloaliphatic-amine based hardener for producing high performance composite parts. Two curing agents (4101-21 fast and 4101-21 slow) provide a complete range of working times from 30 minutes to 6 hours, and by blending the curing agents, any point in between. 


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Rhino 1401-21 with 4101-21 provides for ample pot life with fast cure development at standard molding temperatures. Rhino 1401-21 provides good thermal resistance, excellent fatigue and inter-laminar shear strength with rapid wetting of fiber reinforcements. Rhino 1401-21 Epoxy Resin is formulated for highly increased E-glass fiber compatibility. Low toxicity, low odor system, no VOCs, 100% solids.


Suggested Uses

Resin infused composite rotor blades, other large fiberglass reinforced structures, and CIPP applications.

System Liquid Properties

Viscosity 1401-21 Resin, 77°F:800-1300 cps
Viscosity 4101-21 Slow Hardener, 77°F:15-30 cps
Viscosity of 4101-21 Fast Hardener:40-80 cps
Mix Ratio, Resin to Hardener:100:30 by weight
Weight Per Gallon, 1401-21 Resin:9.5 - 9.6 lbs
Weight Per Gallon, 4101-21 Hardener:7.9 - 8.1 lbs
Weight Per Gallon, Mixed:9.2 lbs
Mixed Viscosity, 77°F:250 cps (slow) / 300 cps (fast)
Mixed Viscosity, 100°F:150 cps (slow) / 200 cps (fast)

Gel Time Recipe Table

Rhino 1401-21 Resin, 100 parts / Rhino 4101-21 (all), 30 parts:


Get Time, 150 grams at 77°FPercent of 4101-21 SlowPercent of 4101-21 Fast
360 minutes100%  (30PHR)-
240 minutes90%  (27PHR)10%  (3PHR)
100 minutes75%  (23PHR)25%  (7PHR)
60 minutes60%  (18PHR)40%  (12PHR)
30 minutes-100%  (30PHR)

Resin Infusion Basics

Condition epoxy resin and hardener to between 24ºC and 38ºC (75ºF – 100ºF) to ensure proper mixed viscosity. Introduce mixed material into part to be infused keeping mold temperature between 35ºC and 40ºC (95ºF – 104ºF). Place or position injection ports to introduce material as needed to ensure injection within two hours. Under moderate vacuum, inject material (within gel time parameters). Cure at 40°C – 85°C to achieve max HDT.


Reinforcement Types

Rhino 1401-21 Epoxy Resin is specially formulated for highly increased compatibility with fiber reinforcements, such as Carbon, E-Glass and CIPP Felt(s).

Advantages of Rhino 1401-21 Epoxy Resin

Rhino 1401-21 Epoxy Resin is formulated to improve the wet-out and bond between the epoxy resin and fiber reinforcements. This formulation technique results in increased physical properties as follows:


• Fiber Pull-Out Strength• Tensile Strength and Modulus
• Flexural Strength and Modulus• Compressive Strength
• Impact Resistance• Inter-Laminar Shear Strength


Of equal, if not greater significance is the retention of the above properties after exposure to heat, cycle fatigue, water, expected adverse environmental reagents such as salt spray, acid rain, etc. The formulation of Rhino 1401-21 Epoxy Resin System results in minimal degradation of the cured composite’s physical properties as compared to epoxy resin systems not containing the proprietary formulation constituents of Rhino 1401-21 Epoxy Resin. The benefit to the composite fabricator is obvious and clear: Increased product life and confidence!


Cured Physical Properties of Composite

A-260 unidirectional E-glass (epoxy compatible rovings) with Rhino 1401-21 Epoxy Resin and 4101-21 Epoxy Hardener (70:30 glass to resin ratio). Cure schedule – 2 hrs at 35ºC (injection) + 4 hrs at 65ºC + 2 hours at 85ºC.


PropertyResultTest Method
Tensile Strength:83,000 psiASTM D-638
Tensile Modulus:5,250,000 psiASTM D-638
90° Tensile Strength:6.05 ksiASTM D-3039
In-Plane Shear Strength (4 plies + 45°)9.14 ksiASTM D-3518
Flexural Strength:86,000ASTM D-790
Flexural Modulus:2,490,000 psiASTM D-790
Izod Impact:44.5 ft/lb/inASTM D-256-A
Water Absorption:0.09%ASTM D-570
Barcol Hardness:64-

Cured Physical Properties of Neat Resin

Rhino 1401-21 Epoxy Resin, 100 parts, Rhino 4101-21 Epoxy Hardener, 30 parts. Cured 2 hrs at 35ºC + 4 hrs at 65ºC + 2 hrs at 85°C.


PropertyResultTest Method
Tg (DSC):194°F (90°C)IPC-TM-650, 2.4 - 2.5
Shore D Hardness:90DRhino
Tensile Strength:10.30 ksiASTM D-638
Ultimate Elongation:7.4 - 7.5%ASTM D-638
Tensile Modulus:465 ksiASTM D-638
Ultimate Compressive Strength14,500 psiSandia Labs Method
Flexural Strength:18.65 ksiASTM D-790
Flexural Modulus:430 ksiASTM D-790

How Supplied

Rhino 102 Adhesive is available in 3 gallon (11.5 liter), 15 gallon (58 liter) and 165 gallon (635 liter) kits. Shipped FOB San Diego, CA.


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