1310T-NC - Thixotropic Resin

Thixotropic Epoxy Resin -  

Medium viscosity, thixotropic, rigid epoxy resin with excellent physical properties. Fast wetting of reinforcement materials. Use 1310T-NC where resistance to draining or run-off is desirable. 100% solids, non-crystallizing. No VOCs and DOT non-regulated.


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Suggested Uses

Hand lay up laminating, filament winding, vertical laminates, tooling and pattern work.


Properties of Rhino 1310T-NC Epoxy Resin (neat)

Viscosity:1,300 - 1,700 cps
EEW:190 - 196
Color:Translucent, milky white liquid


Recommend Rhino 1310T-NC be used between 65° - 85°F (product and ambient temperatures). Use below 45°F requires special hardener selection, consult with Rhino sales personnel for low temperature recommendations. Remove all surface contaminates such as water, dirt, rust, and petroleum products. Mold surfaces must be waxed or otherwise “released” prior to epoxy application. All Rhino curing agents are compatible with Rhino 1310T-NC so proportion resin and hardener in accordance with the selected Rhino hardener. Mix resin and hardener for 3 - 5 minutes being certain to scrape the bottom and sides of the mixing container. Mix no material than may be applied before the expiration of the pot life.



Rhino 1310T-NC cures overnight at typical ambient temperatures (65° - 85°F) with full properties developing in 7 days, see hardener data for specific cure schedules and properties.

How Supplied

9lb Gallons, 45lb Pails, and 500lb drums (net weights). FOB San Diego, CA.



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