1302-R1 Epoxy Resin

Epoxy Resin -


Medium viscosity, undiluted, epoxy resin with enhanced air release characteristics, and physical properties. Fast wetting of reinforcement materials. Use Rhino™ 1302-R1 where resistance to cracking and increased impact resistance is desirable. 100% solids epoxy, No VOCs and DOT non-regulated.

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Suggested Uses

Filament winding, other epoxy/fiberglass applications where additional toughness, crack resistance and high impact strength are desired.

Properties of Rhino 1302-R1 Epoxy Resin (neat)

Viscosity:5,000 - 6,800 cps
EEW:178 - 186
Color:Gardner 1 (max)
Weight/Gal:9.7 lbs


All standard epoxy curing agents are compatible with Rhino 1302-R1 proportion resin and hardener in accordance with the selected hardener system’s recommended mix ratio. Mix resin and hardener for 3 – 5 minutes being certain to scrape the bottom and sides of the mixing container. Mix no more material than may be applied before the expiration of the pot life. Storage below 45°F is not recommended due to potential crystallization of the product (requiring re-heating to restore original viscosity).


Refer to the selected curing agent’s data for specific cure schedules and profiles.

How Supplied

45lb pails and 500lb drums (net weight). FOB San Diego, CA.


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