50 Minutes, 4:1 Epoxy Hardener – 

Novel modified cycloaliphatic hardener. High strength, low viscosity curing agent with fast thin film set time, rapid oven cure and high HDT after post cure. Cures sufficiently at ambient temperatures for unsupported post cure. Contains no solvents, 100% solids.

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Suggested Uses

Filament winding, Press molding, Hand lay up laminating & tooling, and VARTM composite molding. Provides Tg’s higher than post cure temperatures with both diluted and undiluted resins.

Properties of Rhino H-3136R-1 Hardener

Viscosity at 77°F, cps:50-70 cps
Mixed Viscosity with 1403 Resin:300-400 cps
Mixed Viscosity with 1403T Resin:1300-1400 cps
Color (Gardener):2 max
Weight Per Gallon:8.2 lbs
Mix Ratio, Parts Per 100 of Resin:20 by weight (100: 12 when used with 908SC)
Gel Time at 77°F (150 grams)25-30 minutes
Thin Film Set Time, Hours2

Cured Physical Properties with Rhino R-4013 Resin

(Cure schedule: 24 hrs at ambient + 2 hrs at 100°C + 2 hrs at 150°C
DHT, °F>300 (>250 after 7 days at ambient)
Shore D Hardness90 + 5
Flexural Strength, psi19,000
Flexural Modulus, psi495,000
Tensile Strength, psi11,500
Tensile Modulus, psi522,000
Elongation %3.5

How Supplied

8lb Gallons, 40lb Pails and 450lb Drums. FOB Rhino Linings, San Diego, CA or authorized distributors.


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