5001 - Impact Resistant High Gloss System

Impact Resistant High Gloss Epoxy System - Rhino 5001 is a hydrogenated, premium quality, high gloss coating system. It contains no solvents (100% solids, zero VOC) or carcinogens and has minimal odor to assure low toxicity and ease of application. Rhino 5001 has a unique toughened quality (urethane effect) that makes an aesthetically impact resistant system and color retention for exterior use. The viscosity is well suited for self-leveling applications. This system also has excellent chemical, and abrasion resistance.


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Suggested Uses

• Floor coatings
• Urethane replacement (indoors)
• UV stable applications

Technical Data

Solids By Volume:100%
Volitale Organic Content (VOC):0 lbs/gal
Mixing Ratio:2:1 by volume
Viscosity:3,000 cps
Pot Life:60-70 min at 77°F
Application Temperature:55°F minimum, 100°F max
Maximum Re-Coat Time at 77°F:73 hours
Dry To Touch at 77°F:8-9 hours
Light Trafic at 77°F:24-36 hours
Full Cure at 77°F:7 Days


Complies with ACI Standard 503.1-4 and ASTM C-881-90 Type I, II, IV, V, VI and VII. Grade 1, Class B,C,D,E and F. Cures in presence of moisture and humidity. Resin non-crystallizing.

Physical Properties of Cured System (Cured 7 Days at 77°F)

PropertyResultTest Method
Compressive Strength (psi):12,000-14,000ASTM D-695
Flexural Strength (psi):13,000-13,500ASTM D-790
Tensile Strength (psi):7,000-8,500ASTM D-638
Tensile Elongation (%):4.3ASTM D-638
HDT (F) ASTM:190ASTM D-648-264
Bond Strength (psi) to concrete:>400, w/ 100% concrete failure-
Water Absorption (% gain), 24 hrs:< 1-
Shore D Hardness:78-

How Supplied

FOB San Diego, CA. Rhino 5001: 15 gallon and 165 gallon kits.


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