Cured In-Place Pipe (CIPP)

CIPP is a trenchless technology that impregnates a felt tube with epoxy resin and hardeners. The resin-saturated tube is pulled through an existing underground pipe system and used as a conduit to create a new inner replacement pipe.

Once in place, the epoxy filled tube is cured with hot water or steam allowing it to expand and form a new pipe within the existing pipe. The (CIPP) process is not invasive and causes minimal disruption to traffic, work productivity, or people in their homes. Municipalities typically perform CIPP installations by accessing piping systems through city manholes.

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1310T-Lt Blue Epoxy System

Rhino™ 1310T-Lt Blue Epoxy CIPP (Cured In-Place Pipe) is a trenchless, seamless, 100% solids pipe-within-a-pipe system that restores aging, corroding pipe systems. It rehabilitates pipes in diameter from 2 to 102 inches and easily lines drains with a 90-degree bend. Rhino™ 1310T-Lt Blue CIPP employs a fast curing agent allowing less invasive replacement procedures to be completed on time and within budget. Rhino™ 1310T-Lt Blue is the ideal solution for rehabilitation of municipal, industrial and residential pipes.


1310T-Lt Blue Features

• Cures fast with mild (120°F) heat
• Trenchless repair of pipes from 2" to 102" in diameter
• Lines pipes and drain lines with a 90-degree bend
• Immediately rehabilitates the underground pipe system by
  adding internal structural reinforcement
• Multiple 2:1 or 4:1 hardener curing agents (for variable
  temperature range production)
• Resin is tinted blue, hardeners are transparent yellow
  (ensuring properly-mixed uniform green color)

1310T-Lt Blue Benefits

• Trenchless repair of underground pipe systems
• Less invasive pipe replacement procedures
• Rehabilitates corrosive and leaking pipe systems
• Restores structural integrity
• Eliminates corrosion, leakage and pollution

Typical CIPP Applications

• Municipal, Industrial and Residential Pipe Systems
• Water Treatment Systems
• Sewer and Storm Drains
• Potable Water Systems
• Mainline Rehabilitation and Sealing
• Gas and Industrial Pipelines
• Drain Line Rehabilitation
• Buried or Hidden Pipelines
• Lateral Linings and Repair
• Spot or Point Repairs

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